Update on INTCAS Frauds, Alleged Rapist Zakaria Mahmood, and the Criminal Gang Behind It

Finally, More Powerful INTCAS Whistle-blower Websites

Within the last month our website has been suffered from several attacks from INTCAS CEO, alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood. The criminals at INTCAS immigration fraud gang in order to cover up their crimes cowardly hired several hackers to bring down our website. Initially they brought down both http://intcas.eu/ and https://intcas.ir

However, our technical team has been working hard and restore the websites. We would like to inform our readers that we have purchased additional domain names (and they are all up and running) for further attacks from alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood. Our final list is the following:






We also have shortlisted another 30 domain names which will be activated immediately if INTCAS CEO and their fraudster team decide to try us again.

For now, all our websites are back; more powerful and more secure.

We Are Not Intimidated by Threats

In additions, in the last week, we have intelligence that alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood, has hired a few thugs to contact previous investors at Sinclair Adamson (INTCAS) in order to bring down the website. It simply shows how desperate they are. They also have threatened our lives and our families. Threatening someone’s children is nothing but absolute disgusting cowardness implemented by immigration criminal gang at INTCAS.

For the information of the low rent thugs been hired by alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood that all your phone calls are recorded and will be presented to anyone associated with Zakaria Mahmood. Therefore, his investors will know what of person they are working with.

We would like to inform alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood here again that instead of unleashing his dogs, it is more sensible if he contacts us himself. Our whistle-blower websites will stay around until alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood settle the funds he has stolen and the demands on our previous statement. Regarding his rape case, this is something the Police should investigate as this is unfortunately becoming a common trend among middle age Muslim Pakistani men to prey on vulnerable and defenceless girls.

We would like to ask the public to send us any information, video, and documents if they have been scammed, harassed by alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood and INTCAS immigration fraud gang.