INTCAS Turkey; A Vehicle for Zakaria Mahmood Money Laundering Machine

For the past few years, INTCAS CEO and alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood has been using his company as a human trafficking network, smuggling people from Turkey to Europe under the guise of “international student recruitment”. In addition to this violation of international, European, and U.K. law, illegitimately gained INTCAS funding, Mahmood has been laundering money through their Istanbul office, taking advantage of shady laws and corrupted Turkish authorities that allow for large cash deposits. It is through this laundering that INTCAS funding is secured.


INTCAS Turkey has served as a hub for Zakaria Mahmood’s operations for quite some time. Under the claim that he is recruiting students for academic success in the U.K., Mahmood has been trafficking desperate Pakistani migrants and asylum seekers through Turkey to Europe, fleecing them out of money and leaving them with nothing. His underlings are also complicit in this operation, meaning that anyone who wants an INTCAS career will be asked to do things that violate U.K., European, and national law.

INTCAS investment, seemingly intended for the purpose of “helping international students” succeed in a globaliSed world, has instead been funneled for the grotesque business of trafficking poor, abused migrants across international borders. INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has no conscience and no sense of morality; he freely abuses those under his power without a shred of guilt. Indeed, it was only recently that we were able to expose the truth about INTCAS funding due to his attempts to shut the story down.

INTCAS Turkey has also used Istanbul as their primary port for smuggling migrants into Europe. Zakaria Mahmood has no ethical qualms about breaking the law in order to get his way and make money. It is fortunate that more and more people are learning the truth about this man and the horrible crimes he has committed.

Beyond using his company as a front for people smuggling, Zakaria Mahmood has also used INTCAS Turkey as a base with which to launder thousands of pounds. Mahmood has taken advantage of Turkish law to launder money between Pakistan and the U.K. Turkey still allows individuals to deposit large sums of money in the country, which Mahmood has taken advantage of in order to funnel cash from his bank accounts in Pakistan to the U.K. in violation of tax law. INTCAS funding is obtained illegitimately and for fraudulent purposes.

While Zakaria Mahmood has been able to get away with his crimes for some time, more and more of his victims are coming forward to reveal the truth about this man. Indeed, INTCAS career are in jeopardy due to the constant exposes on Mahmood’s appalling behaviour. In response, he has not come clean, but has instead doubled down on the actions that got him in trouble in the first place.

In particular, Zakaria has been hiring hackers in an attempt to force our website, which reveals the truth about INTCAS investment, down. We have dealt with several hacking attacks over the past month, though none of them have succeeded because Mahmood is cheap and will only hire bottom-of-the-barrel code monkeys. We will not be silenced in the face of INTCAS’ intimidation.

What Mahmood doesn’t realise is that his attempts to keep the truth about INTCAS Turkey from coming out only make him look more and more guilty. Sunlight makes cockroaches scatter, and Mahmood has been scampering away ever since we chose to stand up to his lies, intimidation, and bullying. All he does is risk worsening his already tarnished reputation.

At this point, the revelations about INTCAS’ misconduct will only continue to mount. By trying to shut down his critics with intimidation and thuggery, all INTCAS is doing is delaying the inevitable. Instead of trying to plug a leaking dam with his thumb, he should drop the act and admit to his crimes. Only then can he possibly redeem himself.

Until then, we will continue to monitor INTCAS and expose its various crimes. Zakaria Mahmood’s day is coming, and we plan to continue exposing him no matter his threats and intimidation. If you or a loved one run into Mahmood or anyone from INTCAS, beware: you are dealing with criminals and vagabonds.