INTCAS Goes to Administration Over CEO Zakaria Mahmood Sexual Misconduct

INTCAS, now known as WHITE STAR EDUCATION LIMITED, hasn’t had a good few months. With their human-trafficking operations exposed, many of their customers and staff have left, forcing them to change their name. To make matters worse, CEO Zakaria Mahmood has been asked to resign following allegations of sexual assault from asylum seekers in Turkey that were tricked into trusting his company. As the final insult, WHITE STAR EDUCATION LIMITED has now gone into administration due to financial problems.

Zakaria Mahmood Sexual Misconduct

Zakaria Mahmood resigned from WHITE STAR EDUCATION LIMITED after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced. Asylum seekers in Turkey who sought INTCAS’ services allege that Mahmood raped them while they were in the company’s custody. While no charges have been filed as of yet, these allegations have caused so much harm to INTCAS’ reputation that the company has asked him to resign as CEO.

While we do not have hard proof of Zakaria Mahmood’s sexual misconduct, the allegations of rape are consistent with his low character: his financial scams, his public dishonesty, and his abuse of asylum seekers who are duped into using INTCAS’ services. We hope that the truth will soon come out and we are committed to exposing Mahmood’s misdeeds every step of the way.

INTCAS Fraud: Staff Resign En Masse

INTCAS’ reputation has suffered badly in the wake of the revelations of their human trafficking operations. Their viability as a company has persisted this long due to the mistaken belief that they were a legitimate educational firm. However, with their human trafficking and money laundering operations exposed, many of their customers have abandoned them, causing a sharp drop in revenues. INTCAS reviews online tell the tale of how badly their public reputation has suffered.

To make matters worse for the newly-renamed WHITE STAR EDUCATION LIMITED, many staff members have deserted the company because they understandably do not want to be a party to human trafficking. A majority of employees have departed INTCAS in the past few months, and the company changed its name to WHITE STAR EDUCATION LIMITED in an attempt to repair the damage.

However, customer and staff losses have taken their toll on the company. WHITE STAR EDUCATION LIMITED is now going into administration due to a catastrophic drop in revenues. It is unknown if they will ever recover from the damage that has been done to their public image, and their rebranding is clearly a desperate attempt to salvage what little is left of their company.


It is clear that INTCAS’ reputation has taken a severe beating in the past few months, along with its revenues. Between the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against Zakaria Mahmood and the mass desertion of their staff, it is clear that the company is ailing and may not survive.

We will continue to update you on the latest INTCAS news. Our reporting has helped expose INTCAS’ human trafficking operations and the misdeeds of Zakaria Mahmood, and we are committed to bringing you the truth about this corrupt organization and its leader.