INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood Expands Human Smuggling to Dubai and U.S.

INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood, not content to continue his ways of ripping off desperate migrants and unsuspecting students, has reached a new low. He has begun an elaborate visa forgery scheme, using the INTCAS office to sell the fake “Tier 4 Visa Stamp” in order to smuggle people into the Schengen Area and U.K. While INTCAS recruitment purports to be a legitimate service to help students, it is in fact an illegal operation that exploits desperate people, and we are exposing Zakaria Mahmood’s latest move to ensure that he can no longer make a living off of crime and fraud.

INTCAS’ fraud is well-known at this point, but Zakaria Mahmood continues to stoop to new lows in his mission to rip off the desperate. INTCAS Recruitment have launched a new scheme to smuggle Iranian, Iraqi, and Pakistani nationals into Europe under the guise of being students. By offering fake passports with the nonexistent “Tier 4 Visa Stamp,” these individuals are fraudulently gaining access to Europe and the U.K. In this way, many people, especially women, has been sexually assaulted and groomed by INTCAS Turkey including Zakaria himself.

INTCAS Recruitment Selling Fake Passports, Smuggling Migrants via Istanbul

This operation is centered on the INTCAS Office in Istanbul, already a hub for the organization’s operations; it is where Zakaria Mahmood launders money from his base in Pakistan. A number of migrants using INTCAS’ fake passports have already been identified and arrested at Istanbul’s airport. We will be publishing examples of INTCAS Recruitment’s fake passports and visa stamps so that people know what to look for as the organization continues its human trafficking efforts.

INTCAS fraud comes at a time when people-smuggling into Europe has hit a new high. Recently, a smuggling ring was identified and busted at the French-U.K. border, revealing that many migrants have been paying smugglers to bring them into England. The operation was centered on the French city of Dunkirk. Additionally, new waves of migration have been detected in the Mediterranean coming from Libya as well as along well-worn migration routes from Turkey into Eastern Europe.

It is clear that Zakaria Mahmood (the former owner of bogus college Sinclair Adamson Business School which was raided and shut down by UKBA immigration forces in 2011 upon multiple immigration law breaches) is hoping to profit from the coming migration wave by both defrauding desperate migrants seeking entry into Europe as well as flouting local immigration laws. The fake passports that the INTCAS Office has been producing are very convincing, but can be identified through their use of the “Tier 4 Visa Stamp,” a nonexistent visa category both in the U.K. and in the European Union’s Schengen Area.

INTCAS Dubai and INTCAS U.S. Expand People-Smuggling Ring

In addition to this, INTCAS Recruitment has begun a significant international expansion, opening new offices in Dubai and the U.S. It is clear that INTCAS Dubai and INTCAS U.S. will be used as fronts for expanding Zakaria Mahmood’s people-smuggling ring. The INTCAS Dubai and INTCAS U.S. offices are linked and will be used to funnel people to the U.S. in violation of American law. Given INTCAS’ already-established illegal migration route from Turkey to the U.K., it is obvious that Zakaria Mahmood hopes to enhance his profits by bringing desperate migrants to the U.S. as well.

The introduction of INTCAS to the U.S. will further swell the coffers of Zakaria Mahmood at the expense of both the poor migrants he exploits and the law-abiding citizens of America. Not content with merely violating European and British law in his quest for ill-gotten riches, it is clear that Zakaria Mahmood wants to expand his illegal empire to cover the globe. We have already acquired many horror stories from people who made the mistake of trusting INTCAS Office with their lives and money, and we seek to do everything possible to expose the INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood and INTCAS’ fraud so that people know the truth about this fraudulent organization.

In the coming days, we will be publishing additional INTCAS news, including copies of the passports that INTCAS recruitment is forging for migrants in Istanbul. We also plan on exposing INTCAS’ continued attempts to exploit poor people in the developing world by giving them false hope that they can migrate to Europe and other developed countries. Zakaria Mahmood is a monster who cares nothing for the lives he ruins through his global moneymaking racket, and he leaves nothing but destruction in his wake.

We urge the authorities in all of the countries in which INTCAS Office is located to investigate the crimes that this organization has committed. We also encourage anyone reading this article to do their own research. With a global migration crisis looming, Zakaria Mahmood is positioned to be a major player in the exploitative, illicit economy of people smuggling. Taking advantage of the law and of people’s desperation, the INTCAS CEO and his fraudulent organization stand to make considerable money from the suffering of already poor and exploited groups.

We will continue to report on INTCAS news and any and all schemes that the organization cooks up. We also urge Zakaria Mahmood to admit the truth, since he is fooling no one at this point. We have chronicled INTCAS Recruitment’s numerous crimes, both legal and moral, and the organization’s claim that it assists foreign students is utterly hollow and false. With both the law and public opinion against INTCAS, Mahmood would be best served by coming clean before the consequences dig him into a hole from which he will never escape. Only by doing this can he hope to reclaim his public credibility.

Please stay tuned for future updates on the introduction of INTCAS to Dubai and the U.S., as well as continued exposes of the organization’s operations in Turkey, the U.K., and Europe. The INTCAS CEO is desperate to avoid evidence of his crimes becoming public, meaning we will stay steadfast in our resolve to expose him and the corruption of his organization. We urge all individuals to steer clear of INTCAS Recruitment and the vile, exploitative operations of its morally bankrupt CEO.