INTCAS CEO Finally Arrested Over Multiple Charges


Alleged rapist INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood was in Croydon Police Station custody for 24 hours in the early hours of 15th June 2019 after he was arrested in the INTCAS office. He was taken into custody and transported to the police station.

The arrest was initially made under the harassment case that was opened and presented to Metropolitan Police. Zakaria Mahmood thugs hired by INTCAS were reportedly harassing former investors and their families by making malicious phone calls. However, after the arrest was made, it turned out police had discovered a lot more. Alleged rapist INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has been under investigation for several other allegations which potentially could put him behind bars for a long time.

The list of allegations he is currently under investigation includes but is not limited to:

  • Facilitating human trafficking and assisting smugglers under NGO names from the INTCAS office in Turkey where his organisation was supposed to legitimately “recruit” international students
  • Money laundering (our source confirmed a sum of over £547,000) for smuggling people from Istanbul to mainland Europe under INTCAS and its umbrella firm Sinclair Adamson
  • Forgery and breach of telecommunications codes

He has denied all of these allegations to the police. He said that there has been no money laundering or passport and visa document forgeries by INTCAS staff in Turkey and Pakistan at all.

Alleged rapist INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood uses Pakistan as a black hole for money laundering and tax avoidance. A simple question we can ask if he can state in a court under oath whether there are any bank accounts under his name in Pakistan.

Given the huge number of people entering the U.K. and the authorities’ apparent inability to handle the scope of this crisis, a loophole has opened that many criminals have taken advantage of. The Pakistani origin immigration fraud gang INTCAS is not an exception here. It is no wonder that we are seeing a huge increase in migration-related crimes. With the wave of major terror attacks across Europe following the influx of millions of newcomers in 2015 and 2016, when INTCAS questionably made all its money and raised its funds, trust in UKBA to handle this crisis is at an all-time low.

INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has been allegedly taking advantage of lax border enforcement and the migration crisis to make money by smuggling people from Turkey and Pakistan. Contrary to its claims of being a legitimate organization, INTCAS funding is largely derived from these human trafficking operations. Beyond being a violation of U.K. and international law, INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood is engaged in immoral behaviour through his abuse of desperate migrants.


INTCAS investments have focused primarily on exploiting poor migrants for Zakaria Mahmood’s personal gain. A Pakistani Muslim with ties to Turkey, Bangladesh and Pakistan, INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has distinguished himself over the course of his life through his selfishness and utter lack of morality. From INTCAS’ people smuggling operations to the allegations of rape against him, Zakaria Mahmood has consistently shown himself to use and abuse people for his own selfish ends.

Until now, INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood has been able to get away with his crimes due to his victims’ unwillingness to come forward. However, in recent months, INTCAS reviews have been more negative, discussing the full litany of abuse and lies that characterise the organization and its Pakistani CEO. With the police now involved in investigating him, we can hope that all of his crimes will now become public knowledge and he will be punished for them.

If you have been victimised by INTCAS or INTCAS CEO Zakaria Mahmood, do not hesitate to tell your story. Zakaria Mahmood is an unsavoury individual who has cheated, abused, and taken advantage of people for years. He is an alleged rapist and human trafficker who launders money through foreign countries with the intent of defrauding those he comes into contact with. The world should be aware of what he is doing through writing honest INTCAS reviews showing their true business practices.

We will continue to monitor INTCAS CEO and alleged rapist Zakaria Mahmood to see if he continues to engage in his fraudulent business practices. We are grateful that the police are now investigating his various crimes and are hopeful that he will no longer be able to continue them in the future. If you have been harmed by Zakaria Mahmood, we urge you to step forward and let both the police and the public know how he has defrauded or swindled you.